Saving Money on Gasoline Purchases

Looking for an easy way to save some money each and every time you fill up with gasoline?

The process is simple and only takes a few extra seconds to complete when you’re at the pumps.

First, find a place that offers “fuel saving rewards”. Here in Western Canada, Safeway grocery stores offer such a discount – starting at $0.05 per liter of fuel when you spend a certain amount on groceries. You might need to do a bit of research where you live to find a place that offers up similar rewards.

Since I tend to go to the grocery store some-what frequently, I’m always collecting these “fuel savings” receipts. If you’re good with keeping track of paper and receipts, you can stop here, because now all you need to do is visit the pumps, use your discount code and fill up.

My problem is, that the receipts would get crumpled up in my pocket, or left sitting on the office desk – only to be tossed out because they end up expired or unreadable.

The solution is a program I use on all my computers, tablets and phones – Evernote.

I can take a snapshot of each of these fuel receipts, tag them with “fuelsavings” and once I’m at the pump, just do a quick search for that tag and enter the code into the pump. Instant fuel savings. I delete the note when I’ve used it and can keep track of the coupons that might expire sooner rather than later.

If you’re filling up once a week, you’ll end up saving over $170 a year on your gasoline purchases (depending on size of your fuel tank).

Of course, Evernote isn’t limited to tracking fuel savings coupons. I also use it to keep track of the service records on my Jeep, along with a history of all the receipts of my modifications, any other pertinent information like warranties, wiring diagrams and more. Check out more of how I use Evernote here – I wrote a bit about using Evernote with your vehicle records about a year ago.

vagablog-mods and evernote

To get signed up for Evernote now, just click here – if you sign up through this link, we both get a month of premium features – all free.

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