Alpine Aire Kernels Corn Chowder

alpine aire kernels corn chowder

I like to carry a few dehydrated meals in the Jeep for when out exploring. Sometimes it’s just easier to boil some water and make a meal with minimal dishes being dirtied. Of course, I still like just having canned foods like soups or chilli with me, but a bit of variety is nice too. Of course, it’s nice to test out different dehydrated foods before packing them on a long hiking/backpacking trip too, and doing this while camping with the Jeep allows for backup food just in case of something really nasty.

That being said, the Alpine Aire “Kernels Corn Chowder” is really tasty, and will be something I’ll be adding to my regular supply of food.

The usual process begins for making a dehydrated meal – boiling water. I’ll be making myself a hot chocolate at the same time.

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The pouch helps keep your meal warm while it’s rehydrating. Optimus claims it’ll keep your meal “30%” warmer. All I can say is – “it works”.

The Alpine Aire Corn Chowder looks more like a cereal than anything before you add the water.

Once you’ve let your meal re-hydrate for the required ten minutes or so, dig in and enjoy. I didn’t feel it needed anything added for extra spices.

If you like corn chowder, you’ll want to get some of this – it is quite tasty and I’d highly recommend it.

If you’re looking for more cooking ideas, reviews of dehydrated foods, camp fire recipes and more, check out the “cooking” section here.

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