Alberta Birds of Prey

If you’re venturing through Southern Alberta, you owe it to yourself to stop into the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation in Coaldale. For a low-cost, you get to enter the facility and see a variety of birds of prey in various states of rescue and recovery. You’ll learn about what…

Adventure Photography - underwater in this case

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography… The VagabondExpedition team, in conjunction with is almost always out on an adventure photography assignment somewhere, but we’re available for hire for your company or personal needs. Whether video or photography, underwater or on the top of a mountain, we can be your adventure photographers of choice….

The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

While on an excursion searching for and mapping out abandoned buildings in Central Alberta, I spotted a large bird perched in a tree off in the distance. I swapped out camera lenses – opting for my 600mm zoom – perfect for my interest in bird photography. I haven’t seen too…

use a bit of common sense when taking photos of wild animals

Your Safety Around Wild Animals

As a human being, you should always be aware of your surroundings and your personal safety. Purposely doing something extremely stupid isn’t always the best of decisions, and when dealing with wild animals, you have to remember that no matter how calm that animal seems, it is still wild and…

The Overland Jeep Wrangler and Northern Lights of Alberta

My Top 10 Photos of 2015

I had this brilliant idea of a “top 10 photos” of 2015 and as I started going through my photos, realized that this was going to be a bit of a chore as I had taken over seven thousand photos just within the last few months of the year –…