Your Safety Around Wild Animals

use a bit of common sense when taking photos of wild animals

As a human being, you should always be aware of your surroundings and your personal safety. Purposely doing something extremely stupid isn’t always the best of decisions, and when dealing with wild animals, you have to remember that no matter how calm that animal seems, it is still wild and has wild instincts.

Really, it should come down to common sense. Stop turning your back on wild animals and taking selfies! Stop encroaching on the animals’ personal space because you’ve only got your iPad to take photos with. Come back when you’ve got your new camera and zoom lens system so you can take photos from a safe distance.

The Bison you’ll see me photograph quite regularly are 3000 pound wild beasts. They might seem calm and fearful of us humans, but rest-assured, if they feel threatened, they’ll defend themselves and their young. The same goes for all wild animals.


Take some time and think about wildlife photos before putting yourself in harm’s way. Get a better camera, longer lens, or wait for the animal to come close enough to your vehicle where you don’t have to get out. The local zoo is always a great option too..


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