Photo Clients

a sled dog looks back to make sure the vagabondexpedition team is still there

Did we capture your photo while out on an adventure recently?

You’re probably eager to download your photos or even to see what else we can come up with for you to remember your adventure with, but first we’ll deal with a few common questions, and the answers to go along with them! Click on the “plus” sign to the left to read more information within each section.

Is the VagabondExpedition team allowed to take my photo?
I don't want VagabondExpedition having my photo(s)
I want my photos, but not on your website

The next step now is to identify who you are and get the photographs to you!

You can jump to our “contact us” page, and tell us a bit about where we met and what I’m looking for in the photos. I shoot hundreds of photos a day, so you’ll need to be specific as to the day and what we were doing when I took your photo. Alternatively, like us on Facebook, then send a message with the same information. I can then use your Facebook profile photo to help us identify you in the photo collection. Once we know who you are, we’ll process the photos, upload them to a secure sharing facility where you can choose the best ones you like and download them to your own computer. Alternatively there will be links where you can purchase physical prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs and more. Proceeds from those purchases goes to helping upgrade our photo gear.