The Vagabond Expedition:

A quest to part ways from the "American Dream" and live a life of freedom and adventure... one place at a time!
Vagabond: wandering from place to place without any settled home. Nomadic.
Expedition: An excursion, journey or voyage made for some specific purpose.
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Go on adventure with the VagabondExpedition team - exploring back country in the mountains, to under ground cave exploring or hiking through the Canadian Badlands and so much more.


The VagabondExpedition team is quickly becoming known for our action and adventure photography.

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It's a Jeep Thing

It’s a Jeep Thing…

You probably have heard, or have even used the phrase “It’s a Jeep Thing (you wouldn’t understand)”. But what exactly does that mean? What is a “Jeep Thing?” Well, that “Jeep Thing” often means something different to each person you ask, and really could be a combination of any one…

new a-pillar light mounts

A-Pillar Light Mounts Revisited

One of the items on the to-do list for this year was to make my a-pillar lights more usable for my type of driving and exploration and to do so is to revisit my a-pillar light setup. I’ve been running around with seven Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED lights facing…

playing around with light, long exposure photography and the overland jeep wrangler

More Light Painting with the Overland Jeep

I had been playing around with my Jeep programmer, and I think I found a hidden setting to enable Ludicrous Speed either that, or it’s some fun with light painting. Now, if you know anything about Ludicrous speed, you know you have to be careful and not go plad. What…

cooking breakfast - the fried-egg grilled cheese sandwich

The Fried-Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Looking for a tasty breakfast sandwich idea when at your base camp (or even at home)? This fried-egg grilled cheese sandwich tastes great and should give you enough energy to get a good start to your adventures for the day. Ingredient list: – 2-3 tbs shredded cheddar cheese – 1…

vagabondexpedition on an overlanding sled dog adventure in the canadian rocky mountains - dog sledding at it's finest

An Overlanding Sled Dog Adventure

Do you love animals and are looking for an amazing winter adventure? Be certain to head into the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take part in one of the many Sled Dog adventure tours that are offered. It’s overlanding, sled dog style! The VagabondExpedition team joined up with Snowy Owl Tours…