The Vagabond Expedition:

A quest to part ways from the "American Dream" and live a life of freedom and adventure... one place at a time!
Vagabond: wandering from place to place without any settled home. Nomadic.
Expedition: An excursion, journey or voyage made for some specific purpose.


Go on adventure with the VagabondExpedition team - exploring back country in the mountains, to under ground cave exploring or hiking through the Canadian Badlands and so much more.


The VagabondExpedition team is quickly becoming known for our action and adventure photography.

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vagabondexpedition is back in alberta for part of the winter and we stop into McLean Creek to have a look around.

McLean Creek Recce

Days after being in Alberta, I’m back out exploring and we’re heading on a day trip into McLean Creek. It’s still early winter (I’m writing this on November 30th) and there isn’t a lot of snow in this part of the province yet. There are some cold temperatures and, of…

Buying quality gear

Quality Build Components

Of course, you’ve heard it before. Probably more often than you care to hear. But, “you get what you pay for”. Case in point, those KC Hilites LED headlights in the VagabondExpedition Jeep. One of them went out on me some time ago. I pulled it out of the Jeep,…

5 ways to begin Using Evernote as an Overlander

5 ways to use Evernote as an Overlander

During our adventure “off-season”, VagabondExpedition is always busy – saving maintenance and travel receipts, planning new adventures, and so on.  Here are 5 ways we use the application Evernote as an overlander to save time, stay organized and stay sane with all the data that we collect before, during and…

enough with the trail trash - keep it clean and pack it out

Enough With the Trail Trash

I spent a few months recently exploring in the lower mainland of British Columbia and was disgusted by the amount of trail trash everywhere. Sure, I’m in the most populated area of the province, but still does nobody respect their environment or care about either the next people to visit…

filling those rotopax jugs

Filling those Rotopax Water Jugs

If you’ve been following my blog along for a the past little while, you’ll no doubt have seen that I have a very simple system for running water in the Jeep – that is supplied by sometimes as many as four of the two gallon Rotopax water containers (learn more…