The Vagabond Expedition:

A quest to part ways from the "American Dream" and live a life of freedom and adventure... one place at a time!
Vagabond: wandering from place to place without any settled home. Nomadic.
Expedition: An excursion, journey or voyage made for some specific purpose.


Go on adventure with the VagabondExpedition team - exploring back country in the mountains, to under ground cave exploring or hiking through the Canadian Badlands and so much more.


The VagabondExpedition team is quickly becoming known for our action and adventure photography.

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Gill Road, Rosedale BC - location review

Gill Road, BC

You can find this location by a map search of “Gill Road, Rosedale BC”.  I’ve stopped in at this location a few times now and when the river is low, it is a beautiful area to camp at.  Well, except for the noisy joyriders on the weekends, as luck would…

Alberta Birds of Prey

If you’re venturing through Southern Alberta, you owe it to yourself to stop into the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation in Coaldale. For a low-cost, you get to enter the facility and see a variety of birds of prey in various states of rescue and recovery. You’ll learn about what…

stuck in the mud at stave lake, british columbia

Stuck in the Mud

If you end up in lower mainland, British Columbia, you’ll no doubt end up hearing about Stave Lake and the mud flats.  Although “mudding” likely isn’t going to be your thing with a loaded up overland rig, finding a nice spot to camp probably is so feel free to give…

airing down is important on the trails. We use the Currie air down tool

Do you even “Air Down”?

Airing down your tires prior to hitting the trail is important for your overland vehicle.  You’ll get a smoother ride and much improved traction.  If you haven’t aired down and are stuck in the mud, snow or sand, you might want to get out and air down – quite often…

VagabondExpedition - overlanding in a Jeep Wrangler

Blog Updates

Wow. Ten entire months since I’ve last posted on the blog. I really need to make a schedule and post regularly, but then, adventure (and work) gets in the way and I end up changing the article draft to “due today” to “due someday”. None-the-less, I’m going to restructure the…