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are you an aspiring writer, or perhaps even a well seasoned writer? Feel free to drop us a line and write with us on VagabondExpedition

Are you a fellow adventurer and explorer? Have a knack for doing some writing?

VagabondExpedition is now open for guest posts in various sections of our blog. As you’ve often seen, I often don’t get to updating the web site as often as I’d like. As much as I’m out exploring or modding the Jeep, it doesn’t always make it for a post worthy article. Of course, there is also only so much that one person can do on their own while busy out exploring and therefore, we’re opening things up for your submissions!

Topics of interest

We aim to provide informative and entertaining articles on this web site. Article submissions should be relevant to the topics of “overlanding” in one way or another.  As with the term “overlanding”, this encompasses a very broad range of topics such as:

  • vehicle modifications and gear (can be about any vehicle types)
  • camping tips and gear
  • cooking while on the road
  • survival strategies
  • hiking, kayaking and fishing
  • trail and location reviews
  • personal stories of your adventures

Take a look at our “interests”  list on the main menu of our blog for other ideas too, and if you have something different, but still relevant, feel free to submit it, or run it by us first.

Submission guidelines

– No spam, junk articles. I’ll be a lenient editor, but at the same time your article can’t be a spam page. That doesn’t mean you can’t add back links to your own blog, YouTube channel or Instagram account. Hell, I don’t mind if you make a couple of dollars and include affiliate links when suitable (and described as such).

– No minimum word count is being implemented currently, provided your post gives our readers something informative

– Articles with excessive grammar and spelling errors will be immediately discarded. Minor errors may be corrected at my discretion.

– Photos and images should be hosted by you, or another third-party source and already embedded in your article. We can assist with this if necessary for some posts, but we’d expect you doing this for regular submissions. We would also welcome photos to use on social media to promote your article. Photos and images must be yours, licensed for your use, or sourced where applicable.

– No plagiarism. Do not copy and paste others work. If your submission to our blog is something you have posted elsewhere, we’re ok with that but please give it some slightly different wording.

– Each article will be allowed one contextual backlink paragraph or author biography. This can’t be for gambling, porn, dating websites, pharmaceuticals, or financial products. No landing pages will be allowed. Other backlinks for reference are allowed within moderation and are subject to removal or alteration.

How to submit an article

If you think your writing would be a good fit and want to get your post out in front of the readers of VagabondExpedition, you can email ernie@vagabondexpedition.com.  Include the following in your email:

  • your name as you want it shown on the post
  • the article title
  • the article (properly formatted – ideally in word type format. A link to a Google Docs formatted file is also fine)
  • images you’d like to use
  • your author bio (3-4 lines about you and your adventures)

Once your article is published, or scheduled to be published, we’ll email you.  We do expect you to keep an eye on it and be active in the comments section. We’d also expect you to promote your article to your own social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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