The Mission

So what is the VagabondExpedition?

Firstly, let’s define what we’re talking about:

[vag-uh-bond] adjective
1. wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: a vagabond tribe.
2. leading an unsettled or carefree life.

[ek-spi-dish-uh n] noun
1. an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose.

The History:
In 2007, I went through a divorce.  Well, a permanent separation really since I wasn’t married.  But, this opened up my eyes to how little value “stuff” really means.  I left the once family home with nothing more than my car, a few clothes and a laptop computer.  The ex remained behind, brought in a huge dumpster and proceeded to trash just about everything.  Even furniture that was purchased new within the 12 months prior to the relationship ending.

I was left with nothing than a few items and a large quantity of debt.  In a way, the VagabondExpedition started back then – with a journey to rebuild my life.  On top of that, a good friend of mine once said, “You’re a Vagabond”.  And not in a bad sense, but in a good way – he was able to recognize the fact that I’m not really all that happy being stuck in once place for too long.  I have a thirst for adventure and change, something I’ve known for a great many years, but the “American Dream” had held me back and locked me into routine and what is considered “normal”.

Fast forward to 2012.  A job offer came up to move from Ontario (Canada) to Alberta and work in the construction industry for a major project.   The choice was easy – I’d get paid, and get the opportunity to set-up “home base” in a new part of the country for a little while. By the end of 2012, my new home was in Edmonton Albert and I’d already begun to start exploring where I could from here.

The Jeep never had plans to transform the way it has either, it was purchased new in 2012 as a present to myself as I had been running ‘car-less’ for a few years prior – partially because I really didn’t need one and secondly saving the money helped me snowball out of debt and into a positive cash flow position.   After a few months of contemplating travel ideas, I figured I’d put a few extra dollars into the Jeep and build an ‘expedition’ vehicle.

The Present: was born, and I’ve been in the process of creating entries of my excursions that launch from my current home base in Alberta.  What’s coming next is hard to say.  It could be a few more #microadventures around Alberta and the surrounding provinces and states.  It could be a long-term road trip across Canada or the United States exploring in more detail and “living with the locals” for a couple of months at a time.  Perhaps it’ll be something even more drastic like a long-term vacation in South America.  Right now, I don’t know, and that is part of what makes it all exciting.  I could always wake up tomorrow morning and decide on something extreme and completely out of character.

Keep in touch on the blog and on my social media… follow my journey and be inspired – even if it’s just for a weekend adventure of your own, an idea for your overland vehicle or a complete change of your lifestyle.

Come along and join in on my VagabondExpedition!

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