Places to Go…

The ‘bucket list’ of places to see on my travels is listed below.  Of course, I’ll wander across many other places on my travels, and they’ll get listed here or end up with a complete post about the visit & travel there.

Have a recommendation for me?  Tell me about it!


I’ve been working on pinning places of interest to a Google Map that I created a while ago… each pin is clickable and will link out to my blog for completed articles, or may jump to my notebook (Evernote) for some rough-draft info.  Sometimes I’ve also linked places to other research sites that I’m reviewing.

Click here to open the Google Map and explore the places I’ve been.

2 thoughts on “Places to Go…”

  1. AHTOXA OOO says:

    Hey there! You need to go to Newfoundland and do some offroad there and mandatory place to visit is Canol road in Yakon!!!!! Just go there in begining of Augus. (No bugs and minimal rain!!!) Let me know if you need more info!!!!!

    1. ej says:

      “Out East” is a definite must see on the list… I’ve visited Nova Scotia briefly while serving in the Canadian Forces, and have that on the to do again list as well as Newfoundland.

      Of course, a trip to the Yukon is also a must-do, and I’ll research more about Canol Road and get that added to my list too!

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