Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography - underwater in this case

Adventure Photography…

The VagabondExpedition team, in conjunction with is almost always out on an adventure photography assignment somewhere, but we’re available for hire for your company or personal needs. Whether video or photography, underwater or on the top of a mountain, we can be your adventure photographers of choice.


For the best quality adventure photography, we run with a wide range of pro level camera bodies, camera lenses, cases, filters and also “support shoot” with multiple action cameras, 360 cameras, 360 degree photo on a speeding boatstabilizer rigs as well as aerial drones in some cases. We have extensive experience in ‘candid’ (and creative) events along with a wide range of action and adventure photography that includes such adventures as motorsports, rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving (including snorkel and free diving) and so much more. Our training and experience in emergency response scenarios allows us to also work alongside first responders in fire, police, medical and military to photograph – in action – events as they occur or during training operations.

Check out a bit more about what we can do for you here and over at then contact us to request a quote on your photo (and video) requirements. We also run a variety of photography related work shops to help beginners get the most out of their camera gear, as well as run similar work shops on a variety of our adventures (storm chasing and Northern Lights eruptions).


Spotted us on Adventure?

For the latest photo gallery updates, stay in touch over on Facebook and like our page there to see what is new. If you’ve crossed paths with us while on an adventure, your photos will show up there first! Low resolution (facebook quality) images are free for you to download for personal use only.  Hi resolution images of what you see are available as prints (or for printing) as well as other creatives (coffee mugs, banners, etc).  Commercial licensing options are also available for a wide variety of our photographs.


Your Adventures…

We’re available for hire to tag along on your adventure, documenting your event as it occurs in video and still images.  We carry the gear required to get the end result you desire – from action cameras, gimbles, tripods, ruggedized camera housings, stabilizer rigs and underwater housings and lighting.  We’ll setup what works and get the best shots available for you or your business.   We work locally or are available to travel internationally for your adventure.

Where are my adventure photos? 
Candid photos?
How much will this cost?

Our Adventures & Workshops…

Watch for updates on our next photography work shop or adventure near  you.  You’ll come along with us (generally requires your own vehicle) and learn about getting the most from your existing camera gear while on one of our events!  Other events and opportunities exist as well, so stay in touch on Facebook for the most recent updates.

Other Photography…

Yes we do other photo shoots as well.  So, even if you’re not seeing something specific to what you need us for, please ask.  We’ve photographed pets, pet shows, indoor rock climbing competitions, mountain bike races, monster truck events, auto races, off road racing, and we’ve even photographed a zombie infested train.  Contact us for your needs.


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