Jeep Fender Flare Replacement

A recent ‘minor’ incident between the Jeep and a Mule Deer left the VagabondExpedition Jeep Wrangler with a broken OEM front fender flare. Not bad for a deer collision when so many cars are a total right-off with similar incidents.


Jeeps are quite modular vehicles with thousands of options for customizing them – and that fact usually means repairs are easy and you can likely find some spare parts.

A quick post on Facebook, and I’ve sourced “almost new” fender flares for the Jeep. I only need the one, but I’ll take them all to either share with others, or keep on hand – “just in case”.

You’ll need a 10mm long socket, panel removal tool and needle nosed pliers to make the job easy.

Under the fender flare you’ll find a few 10mm bolts to remove. I always have the intention of a good step-by-step photo shoot, but it never fails – I get into it and just want to complete the job. Besides, why re-write some instructions, when some detailed instructions already exist. Look up “Bushwacker Fender Flares” and have a read over the removal instructions (PDF file here) they provide with their fender flare replacement products if you want step-by-step instructions.

jeep fender replacement

Don’t forget to unplug the side marker light harness!

jeep fender replacement

After all the bolts and the splash guard clips are removed, just pull straight out. It makes some noise you’re likely not wanting to hear from your Jeep, but it all should be good.

jeep fender replacement

Hopefully your clips are all intact and not broken! I used the needle nose pliers to gently squeeze them barbs from behind. They pop right out. Don’t pry from the front or you’ll break them and have to buy new ones.

Give things a bit of a cleaning along here and you can reassemble the splash guard into your replacement fender flare. Line up all the holes and push the replacement fender flare back into position.

jeep fender replacement

Underneath, replace those 10mm bolts and the few retaining clips on the splash guard and you’re done.

You remembered to reconnect the side marker light harness again didn’t you?

jeep fender replacement

Of course, spare parts are always a sign of being an efficient “mechanic” isn’t it?!?
jeep fender replacement

Actually, I had a few extras from the replacement fender flare – so no – all bolts, clips and wiring harnesses are all back into their proper place! The VagabondExpedition Jeep is all back together, and ready for the next overland adventure!

3 thoughts on “Jeep Fender Flare Replacement”

  1. ewhite37 says:

    Great post and timely… I had a small run in and cracked a piece out of the front driver’s fender. I have to replace it when I hunt down another (any chance your driver’s one is available?) and was wondering how to get the clips out and how easy a process it was going to be. I’ll check out the link to the Bushwacker vid, too.

    Boy am I glad I follow this thread religiously, lol.

    1. ej says:

      Are you in the area (Edmonton)? I have the drivers side fender flare, but it was pretty scratched up though. Join the Facebook Jeep groups and put out a request. I had replacements in a couple of days.

      Once you have the bolts all out, you just pull on the fender flare, clips will separate – some will quite likely break. I had two break, but only partly – just put them in different locations to still give solid hold. You then reach in behind with needle nose pliers and squeeze the retaining ends to remove them from the actual fender so you can put them in the new replacement fender flare.

      1. ewhite37 says:

        Edmonton? I’m following you all the way from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I’ve posted on multiple groups, even offered a decent price, but haven’t found them yet. Free sport fenders, bit no gloss blacks. I’ll keep an eye out, thanks. Love the thread, love the whole blog. So many on rock climbing or mudding but surprisingly few for those of us who like to load up and go. Great posts, enjoying ’em all.

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