The Screaming Heads

In the Muskoka region of Ontario Canada, lies “The Screaming Heads”, a work of outdoor art by Peter Camani.

The property serves as both the home of the artist as well as his expanding canvas of concrete sculptures and metal works.

screaming heads - burkes falls ontario

Pictured above is the warrior princess, and below the two-headed gargoyle that both guard the thick-walled house of Mr. Camani.

screaming heads - burkes falls ontario

screaming heads - burkes falls ontario
A few of the Screaming Heads of Burkes Falls, Ontario.

Remember, this work of art is on the artists private property. Respect it and any wishes of the owner while viewing the amazing sculptures.

screaming heads - burkes falls ontario

For those of you following the building of the VagabondExpedition Jeep Wrangler, the featured photo is the Jeep way back in July 2012, shortly after buying it.

Looking to find The Screaming Heads of Burkes Falls? Just head to Burkes Falls with your GPS. Once there, any of the locals would be happy to provide you with directions to Midlothian Ridge just outside of town.

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  1. Gary says:

    I have been to the Screaming Heads myself. It is quite the spectacle. A interesting canvas.

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