How do you remember everything?

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Evernote for Everything!

It may seem like an odd thing to write about on, but a key component to documenting and planning my travels along with maintaining the to-do list – and service records –  on the VagabondExpedition Jeep all comes down to the platform called Evernote.

Really, it is a central hub for most of my work and play activities.    I can be surfing the internet looking for interesting areas to explore, and a quick click of the ‘web clipper’ icon saves it to my notebook, I can be travelling a location and want to review an attraction – Evernote is right there on my phone so I can add the notes.


For the research I’m collecting for a couple of e-books that I have in progress, all that goes into Evernote.  That research then gets sorted, organized and placed into my book outlines.  Shopping lists, maintenance records on the Jeep, modifications done, all that – documented in Evernote.  Before Evernote, I was pretty good about keeping copies of everything on my computer – the problem was, it was hard to find what you’re looking for.  Evernote bridges that gap and puts things into place letting you organize and link together documents that make sense (a good example is a scan of an item warranty and the receipt to go with it).

Check it out, and get your information over into Evernote, once you do you’ll realize the power this program has, and how much less headache you’ll have dealing with things that Evernote can keep track of for you.


FYI, links jumping to Evernote are affiliate links – I don’t get paid for it, but if you sign up through one of these links, we both get a month of premium service – free!

2 thoughts on “How do you remember everything?”

  1. April Sanchez says:

    Great to see others using Evernote! I moved to it when a site I formerly used (Springpad) shut down. I keep tons of stuff in it! As a matter of fact, I just “web clipped” your review of the fold-down tailgate MOLLE panel. My husband has a butane stove also & I’m in the market for my first Jeep so I was surfing the web looking at accessories. Great site! I’m ready for some adventures! 🙂

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