Running Water for the Jeep

Earlier this year, I had a piece of metal bent and drilled so that I could attach it to the Synergy Baja basket, and then mount a Rotopax mount to it (click here to review the mounting bracket details). I since added an extension piece to the Rotopax mount so it fits two of the 2-gallon water tanks in place in the back of the Jeep – after all, when you’re out for more than a day of traveling, and in the summer heat, you can go through a lot of water pretty quickly.

Survival Tip:
Never underestimate the amount of fresh water you’ll need. It’s like firewood. Have as much as you think you’ll need, and then at least double it.

While out on my adventures, I quickly found a small problem developing – in that when that basket is fully loaded with gear, those Rotopax cans are a real pain to undo, pour water from, and then put back into position. Now, Rotopax units are a well design and easy to handle system, but when you are in a tight area, it’s a few extra needless seconds of fussing around.

The solution? A $2.00 piece of tubing to act as a siphon.

jeep rotopax running water

I picked up a spare Rotopax cap and drilled a hole just big enough for this tubing to fit through. Add a little suction to the tube and you have running water. Perfect to fill your water bottle, kettle or cooking pot. You could always make it more complex and add a small pump, but at this point, I don’t see it as necessary.

I’ve used a simple binder clip to keep the tube wrapped up out-of-the-way when not in use. Now the water cans stay locked in position during my travels, and the only time I need to remove them is to fill them. I just unscrew the cap and move it to the next can in line when the first one is empty.

Sometimes, keeping it stupid simple is the easiest, most efficient way of doing things!

Looking to get yourself some Rotopax cans? Check out Amazon (click here) any purchases from Amazon help support the VagabondExpedition travels.
If you’re curious about my other Rotopax cans and their use, click here.

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