Learning Astrophotography

As I learn more about my Nikon camera, and experiment with the settings, my photography skills keep improving. Here is a night sky photo that I’m quite happy with.

I’ve captured the starry night sky, and at the same time, the trees in the foreground are lit red from the glow of the campfire.

What I still struggle with for my night sky photos is the focus point. I initially set the focus on the trees while there was still day light, but with the long day light hours, I became tired of waiting for darkness, and experimented with some other photos – ruining my focus point here.

1024 - ve - starry with red trees fire DSC_3605


This photo was taken with a 30s shutter, at f/3.5 ISO 560 at 18mm.  I let the camera set everything except the shutter speed.

For more of my astrophotography, click-through to my Flickr album here.

1024 - ve - orion with jet under belt DSC_2748 1024 - ve - northern lights with power lines DSC_4036

Anyone care to share some night sky photography tips? Please post in the comments below, or if you’re interested in writing for the VagabondExpedition blog, you can contact us!

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