It’s a Jeep Thing…

It's a Jeep Thing

You probably have heard, or have even used the phrase “It’s a Jeep Thing (you wouldn’t understand)”.
But what exactly does that mean?
What is a “Jeep Thing?”

Well, that “Jeep Thing” often means something different to each person you ask, and really could be a combination of any one or more different ways of being on an adventure with a Jeep, and how one chooses to adventure with a Jeep – or what model of Jeep you’re adventuring with – shouldn’t be frowned upon. We all have different ideas, goals and aspirations – for ourselves and our Jeeps.

A Jeep Thing could be a 200 mile road trip all on pavement to get all shined up for a local fund-raiser “Jeep Show”…

A Jeep Thing could be setting up a camp at a public campground…

A Jeep Thing could be racing your rig at a private off-road park…
photo from Mud Bogs for Rescue Dogs
1024 DSC_9431

Or A Jeep Thing could be getting a bit muddy in some off-road trails…
photo from The Spillway

A Jeep Thing could be even be camping solo in the middle of a muddy ravine…
1024 - ve - vagabondexpedition camping DSC_4442

Going for a drive to take in a sunset after a winter storm is also A Jeep Thing….

Even chasing the Northern lights can be A Jeep Thing…

The point is that it is all “A Jeep Thing.”
It’s just different to all of us at any given time.

So no matter if you drive a JK, TJ, CJ, XJ or some kind of in between Frankenstein creation:

Get out there and enjoy it…
Top down, or top up it doesn’t matter.
Go outside.
Go on an adventure.
Have fun.
Just be responsible and play nice with one another – on and off the trails!

Let’s leave everyone with an understanding what a “Jeep Thing” really is to us all, and don’t forget to TreadLightly!

Featured image courtesy of Bob Jones/Vladimer from a 2015 Limestone adventure.

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