Mud Bogs for Rescue Dogs

mud bogs for rescue dogs fund raising event at TORE off road park in Alberta

Back in July of this year (2015), I ventured out for a local #microadventure to the TORE Off Road Park to support the Mud Bogs for Rescue Dogs fund-raising event.

1024 DSC_9431

The park had a bit of a set back, however, and that the muddy areas were just too muddy to actually have fun at, and the other areas just weren’t muddy enough. The quick thinking organizers advised the participants, and made other plans and setup a bit of a timed ‘race’ through various obstacles.

1024 DSC_9499

Everyone had fun and a wide variety of rigs – from Jeeps, to quads to off-road racing machines – all participated to test their skills and the limits of what they can handle.

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Keep an eye open for this to become an annual event, and be sure to attend – either as a spectator or participant! All where very welcome here and the proceeds go to a great cause.

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Be sure to hop over to the Facebook page to have a look at the other photos from the day’s event. Also check out the Duke and Duchess Facebook page for the local animal rescue shelter.

When watching the YouTube video below, be certain to click the “gear icon” and change to HD for the best quality!

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