A-Pillar Light Mounts Revisited

new a-pillar light mounts

One of the items on the to-do list for this year was to make my a-pillar lights more usable for my type of driving and exploration and to do so is to revisit my a-pillar light setup.

I’ve been running around with seven Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED lights facing forward for some time and my a-pillar lights are the least used out of the bunch. The reason? Hood glare, and the fact that I just don’t need all that light facing forward – my lower mounted lights are my most used to light-up the path in front of me, and the lights on the roof rack project further forward.

jcr offroad light mounts and rigid dually d2

The solution was to replace the fixed Rigid A-Pillar light mounts with something that would let me angle the lights down and to the left and right sides of the Jeep for more ‘area’ lighting.

I used JCR Offroad mounts, but there are a lot of different options and styles available. As usual, I recommend jumping to Amazon to have a look at what they offer (click here)

jcr offroad light mounts and rigid dually d2

Here is a shot with the Rigid Industries Dually D2 lights mounted

jcr offroad light mounts and rigid dually d2

If you’re looking for some amazing LED lights, be sure to check out Amazon as well. Great prices and options!

It’s ok if you’re a ‘light junkie’, but just make certain your lights are usable when you need them. Check things out in the dark and come up with the best way to eliminate dark spots. It’s a lot safer when navigating tight off-road trails in the dark!

jcr offroad light mounts and rigid dually d2

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  1. Steve says:

    Nice mod…hope is serves you well on the trail

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