The Jeep Water Park

A popular trail run here in Central Alberta is the Brazeau Spillway.  This is a scenic 30+ kilometer run through a reservoir overflow route from the Brazeau Dam & Reservoir and ending in what is referred to as “The Water Park”.    The Reservoir portion is a man-made lake which is great for fishing, boating and bird watching, but off roading should be kept out of the reservoir area during low water time and limited to the spillway portion – after all, the spillway once was  roadway area and is not considered a live fish water way.

This former roadway is full of interesting challenges including swampy areas, rocks and water crossings.  What makes this spillway run a lot of fun is it offers up a variety of these challenges for people of all different skill levels and build types of their Jeeps (or other vehicles).

Check out the YouTube video – be sure to switch to HD and turn up the volume!

Here are a few photos from just the trip.  An additional post will cover the main portion of the spillway run with videos to show some of the obstacles encountered.  Remember, this is standing water from spring melt – it’s not a fish bearing river we’re playing in as we do follow the tread lightly principles!





For the full photo gallery on this early summer excursion, jump over to the Facebook album here.

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