Jasper / Hwy 63 and Hwy 11 (Alberta)

  • mountain goats grazing
  • glacier ice fields
  • elk
  • still frozen athabasca falls
  • pine needles
  • thawing river
  • jeep at the glacier
  • hidden camping spot

Easter Sunday… on a  12 hour drive from Edmonton to the mountains (Jasper) and South to Highway 11 then back East out.

I keep telling (a few select people) that the Highway 11 route is likely the nicest route in this area.  Jasper to Hwy 11 is nice, Hwy 11 South to Banff is nice too – but it gets busier with more and more tourists.

But if you take that Highway 11 route, you get beautify scenery, wildlife on the side of the road and many camp grounds and even government land you can camp on free of charge.  Try and keep it a bit of a secret!

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