Driving in Alberta

Alberta is definitely the “wild west” of Canada – especially when it comes to being on the road.

Posted speed limits are typically 110 km/h on the highways, but toss in an extra 30 km/h, young guys driving “rig rockets”,  and just about everyone using a cell phone, putting on makeup or watching a movie behind the wheel and you have a recipe for disaster on the highways in this province!

Winter driving out here?  Keep your distance.  Temperatures in the winter here can be regularly colder than -20C – but a ‘black shiny’ road to most drivers means ‘go faster’ – for some odd reason, they just can’t figure out black and shiny means ICE!



A Rig Rocket

A Rig Rocket


A typical Rig Rocket in Alberta is something to watch out for.  Behind the wheel is generally (but not always) a young driver who has more money than brains from working in the oil fields.  They’re driving way too fast and probably texting someone at the same time.


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