Adventure Photography - underwater in this case

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography… The VagabondExpedition team, in conjunction with is almost always out on an adventure photography assignment somewhere, but we’re available for hire for your company or personal needs. Whether video or photography, underwater or on the top of a mountain, we can be your adventure photographers of choice….

vagabondexpedition on an overlanding sled dog adventure in the canadian rocky mountains - dog sledding at it's finest

An Overlanding Sled Dog Adventure

Do you love animals and are looking for an amazing winter adventure? Be certain to head into the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take part in one of the many Sled Dog adventure tours that are offered. It’s overlanding, sled dog style! The VagabondExpedition team joined up with Snowy Owl Tours…

Fort White Earth Alberta

Fort White Earth Alberta

Fort White Earth, or “Lower Terre Blanche House”, doesn’t really have a lot of recorded history in Alberta – at least not from a few quick internet searches I had done, but I’m ok with that as a part of my adventures are all about getting out for the journey…

a winter excursion in nordegg alberta

Nordegg Winter Excursion

I had a four-day trip planned into the “Winter Wonderland” area of Nordegg, Alberta, but shortened it down to just a couple of days – the roads I was planning to be on were closed to heavy snow and ongoing storms – and with a prior engagement on my last…

Sand on Whyte (2015)

Sometimes, we stay close to what’s currently called home in Edmonton Alberta. This weekend, we took a Sunday afternoon walk down Whyte Ave to experience “Sand on Whyte” – an annual sand carving exhibit. It’s a small exhibit, but certainly quite interesting to see these artists at work, shaping and…