5 ways to begin Using Evernote as an Overlander

5 ways to use Evernote as an Overlander

During our adventure “off-season”, VagabondExpedition is always busy – saving maintenance and travel receipts, planning new adventures, and so on.  Here are 5 ways we use the application Evernote as an overlander to save time, stay organized and stay sane with all the data that we collect before, during and…

Five Pitfalls of Being an Adventurer

We’re always hearing comments about how great it must be to be so adventurous and to be off on new adventures regularly. However, exploring new places, getting into new adventure activities and pushing the limits of what we already do is unfortunately not always as glamorous as it might seem….

vagabondexpedition on an overlanding sled dog adventure in the canadian rocky mountains - dog sledding at it's finest

An Overlanding Sled Dog Adventure

Do you love animals and are looking for an amazing winter adventure? Be certain to head into the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take part in one of the many Sled Dog adventure tours that are offered. It’s overlanding, sled dog style! The VagabondExpedition team joined up with Snowy Owl Tours…

the Northern Lights (Aurora) and the Overland Jeep Wrangler

Chasing Aurora Borealis – My Top Ten for 2015

It would seem like I have picked up a new hobby. It consists of watching both the solar activity forecasts as well as lower atmospheric forecasts to determine cloud cover. Long sleepless nights are also a part of it all. The reward? Something that is on the “bucket list” of…

bickering crows at jasper national park

Shooting Animals – My Top Ten in 2015

I’m not sure about you, but I like shooting animals – and yes, just for the fun of it. Bears, deer, elk, bison are my common targets, sometimes I’ll find a beaver or muskrat. Birds are a huge problem so far, as they are fast-moving and the unpredictable nature makes…