An Overlanding Sled Dog Adventure

vagabondexpedition on an overlanding sled dog adventure in the canadian rocky mountains - dog sledding at it's finest

Do you love animals and are looking for an amazing winter adventure? Be certain to head into the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take part in one of the many Sled Dog adventure tours that are offered. It’s overlanding, sled dog style!
one of the sled dogs enjoying quiet time before the excursion starts

The VagabondExpedition team joined up with Snowy Owl Tours out of Canmore Alberta for a morning adventure with their guides and very energetic team of dogs.

You get a few minutes to meet the dogs, and then receive a thorough briefing on how to drive the sled. The dogs know when it’s getting time to go and their excitement and eagerness builds.
multiple sled dog teams ready to depart on the days adventure

“Hike On” and the dogs are off and running. Your sled dog adventure takes you through various trails and across a frozen lake a few miles South-West of the town of Canmore. The guides say you’re apt to spot wildlife while out on the trails, but it’s easy to get focused on the dogs and other like-minded adventurers so you might miss out if you’re not looking everywhere. I was too busy juggling multiple cameras and didn’t see much other than the dogs.
hike on - not mush - is the keyword for this team of six dogs pulling the vagabondexpedition team sled through the trails

We’ve had an ‘easy’ winter here in Alberta, but the lake ice is still plenty thick enough to venture out on in this area. Just stay well clear of open water.
dog sled teams on the frozen lake

The dogs work hard, and when you have to stop your team for one of their much-needed ‘body breaks’, some of the dogs will take opportunity to do a quick cool down by rolling in the snow.
sled dog rolling in the snow to cool down

Of course, working side by side all day long is not without the occasional ‘disagreement’. I really wished I was a bit quicker with the camera to frame this action up better than what I managed, but you see what I mean. No worries though, the dogs just have a very brief ‘conversation’ like this and they’re off and running as a functional team once again.
two dogs baring teeth to say whos boss

One the adventure tour wraps up take some time to pet the dogs, or even let them cuddle up in your arms before saying goodbye for now.
furry sled dog ready for some cuddle time

I’d have to say this fellow was likely my favorite. He was supposedly one of the shy dogs that typically doesn’t want any attention, but he happily followed me around and was quite chatty!
chatty sled dog

Check out our (shaky) video on the excursion. Be sure to watch in HD (adjust your YouTube settings).

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