an abandoned farm…

I particularly enjoy finding abandoned buildings and homes.  This particular one that I came across South East of Stettler Alberta was particularly interesting.  The entire farm was here – home, shed, barn, etc.  I didn’t take the opportunity to go inside, or explore around the barn, but I’ll need to revisit this in the future and take additional photos and get a peek a what lies inside here.



2 thoughts on “an abandoned farm…”

  1. Nice! That’s a very photogenic farm. Just found your site and am looking forward to following more of your adventures.
    Chris @

  2. meenveen says:

    Cool blog- I particularly like this post of the abandoned farm. You mentioned that it is located South East of Settler. I would like to go find this place but i was hoping you could give me a little more precise of a location (road number or something to that effect). Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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