More Light Painting with the Overland Jeep

I had been playing around with my Jeep programmer, and I think I found a hidden setting to enable Ludicrous Speed either that, or it’s some fun with light painting.

ludicrous speed with the vagabond overland jeep wrangler - long exposure driving at night

Now, if you know anything about Ludicrous speed, you know you have to be careful and not go plad. What you see below happened, and I thought I’d better slow it down a bit, I’m sure going plaid would have been the next step.
light painting with the wipers

I need to do more testing before releasing the details, as I’d hate to see it mis-used and have someone actually go Plad (I’m sure some of you will get the references).

Shortly after disengaging Ludicrous Speed, I had to stop and pop the hood… something just didn’t seem quite right:
Broken - an attempt at using electroluminescent wire under the hood of the Jeep for some night time light painting

Luckily, I had a few friends stop by to offer up some assistance. This is the great thing about Jeeps and the Jeep community – there is always someone willing to give a hand when you’re broken down. Not that it happens often.

All in all, it wasn’t anything of an overland excursion, but just a fun night out, and a few folks had the opportunity to learn a bit about using their cameras in low light (or night) conditions.


I had hopes of seeing more of the Northern Lights, but the light show didn’t happen until early a.m. – long after we all packed it in for the night.

You can see more of my light painting over on my Facebook page here or learn how to create this effect for yourself.

Not understanding about my references to “ludicrous speed” or “going plad”?
Watch Spaceballs, The Movie.

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