A few new add-ons….

In preparation for hopefully a busy season of exploration in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, I’ve added a few ‘necessary’ upgrades to the Jeep:




2 thoughts on “A few new add-ons….”

  1. Troy says:

    Following your site :), how do you like the Hothead Headliners? Did you get them around AB or shipped up from the states?

    1. ej says:

      I had them shipped directly. As far as liking them… I haven’t really decided yet – even after several months of having them now. Visually and ‘acoustically’ they are a welcome addition to the Jeep – but I should have painted the inside of the hard top.

      I believe they cut down on some of the heat, but I had the roof top tent and traction plates go on the roof not long after the headliners, so that cuts down a lot of sun heating up the roof itself.

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