Abandoned silos, Edmonton Alberta

Found out a couple of abandoned silos scheduled for demolishing on Friday… there were works crews in the area tearing down other buildings, so it wasn’t a good time to attempt entering and looking further.

Early Modifications

The original plan never was what it is today, but that’s a part of all the fun that comes with a Jeep.  They are so customizable, that once you get into something, you can build and modify into something very capable of a wide variety of things. Here are a…

auxiliary lighting!

Added a few Rigid Dually D2 lights… the bumper bar contains three of the driving lights and the a-pillar lights are the floods.  

Teraflex Tailgate Hinge

The Teraflex hinge in place holding my 35″ spare tire securely.

Going to the Sun Road (Montana)

Going to the Sun Road in Montana is an incredibly spectacular and scenic 52-mile highway through Glacier National Park, which crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass in Montana.