LED license plate bulb

I’ve changed out the stock filament bulb from my license plate to white LED… pretty much just a cosmetic upgrade.

I have a license plate cover, so I took it (and the plate) off for room to manoeuvre here, if you just have your plate on, and no cover, you can do the work without removing it.  Push in on those two small black tabs and gently pull the light assembly down.

The bulb cover just turns – 1/4 turn at the most, and pops off. Then just pull your existing bulb straight out, and push in your replacement LED. LED’s only work in correct polarity – so I did the job with the lights turned on to make certain that the LED was in correctly the first time.

It’s not the brightest LED on the market, but should do the job just fine, and you can get yours here:

Cutequeen 8PCS LED Car Lights Bulb White T10 3528 4-SMD 194 168 (pack of 8) (amazon link)

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