Alberta Vehicle Headaches

Thanks, Alberta… for all the beautiful country side you have to offer, I guess I should be a bit more tolerable to your ‘headaches’.

I’ve been here a couple of years now, and finally had to make the switch to Alberta license plates – in doing so, I need a $200 vehicle inspection, and won’t pass because the Highway Safety Act of Alberta says it’s not safe for me to have window tint on my front driver and passenger side windows.  There goes the $100 tint to pass the inspection.  Oh, and the gravel you throw down on the roads in the winter?  That kicked up and cost me a wind shield – but guess what, I can’t pass  an inspection on a cracked wind shield that your road crews created!

I’ll begrudgingly pay for all these costs, but I’m none too happy about it.  I realize it’s an “out of province” vehicle inspection program you have going on, but seriously – we’re all in Canada, so maybe you should make the transfer just a little bit less of a pain in the ass (and wallet)?

2 thoughts on “Alberta Vehicle Headaches”

  1. sw says:

    Do those license covers help with photo radar?

    1. ej says:

      The license plate cover I have probably wouldn’t do much for photo radar blocking. I do know there are some specialty covers available for this purpose though!

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