Old Man Emu Steering Stabilizer

OME Steering Stabilizer with Synergy Tie Rod Clamp

Today, I finally got around to replacing the dual BDS steering stabilizer (or is it stabiliser?) with a single Old Man Emu with relocation bracket. This puts the steering stabilizer up out of the way, and lightens up the load on the steering pump.

I found the dual BDS unit to want to pull the Jeep left, and after some research discovered this seems to be a common issue with the gas filled ‘shock’. I had a few folks recommend OME and also suggest a single – so that’s what I went with. Decent price and easy install (although I had a shop do it, they had it done in about 30 minutes).

Only a few miles have been added since it was installed, but so far the steering is much nicer – it’s a much lighter touch and I’m not fighting a pull to the left. The current down-side to this so far, is my steering wheel is off-center. Anyone know how to fix this? I think there is a way you can ‘program’ the Jeep to a center point.

You can buy the parts from Amazon by clicking on the images below:

(steering stabiliser)

(relocation bracket)


Update:  After a few miles with the new steering stabiliser installed, and the steering wheel still off center, I had my traction control indicator come on and stay on:

jk traction control indicator

After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that the Jeep computer thinks I’m in a skid or there is controller failure and that’s why this stays lit.  The solution is to bring the steering wheel back to center.  For some reason, I figured there was an electronic way this was to be done, but again, a bit of research proved this wrong and it’s a simple matter of adjusting the drag link to move the steering wheel back to center.  You need a deep socket 15mm ratchet and some patience as there is some adjusting, testing and re-adjusting necessary.

Although not my video, I’d recommend you have a look at the video below – it explains this in detail and helped out quite a bit.


As an FYI, because this code was triggered on my Jeep, I did need to disconnect the batter for a couple of minutes to reset the system.  After that, steering wheel is back centered, and my traction control is functioning properly once again.


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