Fire Baked Cinnamon Buns

Having a tasty breakfast is always a great way to start the day when out camping.

I’ll do bacon and eggs, oatmeal, even cold cereal – but to top it off, these fire baked cinnamon buns are a really great way to finish off your breakfast before packing up your camp site and heading out on your day’s adventures.

All you need is a can of the pre-made Pillsbury cinnamon buns, enough oranges for everyone and some aluminum foil wrap.

1024 - ve - making cinnamon buns DSC_2436

Begin by cutting off the top of the oranges scoop out the insides into a bowl or cup.

Places the uncooked cinnamon bun inside the orange shell and replace the top section of the orange.

Wrap everything up in the aluminum foil.

1024 - ve - oranges in fire DSC_2437

Place the foil wrapped oranges into your fire. You’ll want to experiment with timing, but 8-12 minutes seems to work for me – depending on the intensity of the fire. In the photo above, my cinnamon buns were cooked to perfection in 10 minutes.

While cooking on the fire, sit down, enjoy a cup of hot tea and eat the insides of the orange you scraped out.

Remove from the fire, open up and add a touch of the icing, let melt and enjoy!

You can get a couple or even three uses out of each orange peel, so go ahead and enjoy seconds!

1024 - ve - breakfast buns DSC_2445

Thanks to Oleander and Palm – I spotted this idea on their web site here.

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