Winter Sun Rise over Abraham Lake

On my first camping trip out for the 2015 season, I decided to try a GoPro capture of a sunrise in the mountains.

I took 1 second intervals for this time-lapse sunrise over Lake Abraham in Alberta.

The video was assembled in the GoPro studio software.

To help line up the shot, I first paid a visit to to find out when sunrise was going to be, along with the position of the sun rise. You can use this site to plan sun rise, sun set, moon rise, and so much more.

Let me know what you think – if anyone has any tips to improve upon my sun rise time-lapse video skills, feel free to post in the comments!

Note to self: don’t step in front of the camera to check that it’s still taking photos – you’ll notice a footstep appear part way through the video!

3 thoughts on “Winter Sun Rise over Abraham Lake”

  1. Gary says:

    Really nice. Were you camping in your rtt? How warm is it?

    1. ej says:

      I was in the rtt — temperatures dropped to -9C that night, but inside the tent I was quite warm. I have a HotCore -20C sleeping bag and added a fleece liner on the bottom. Slept in a light layer of loose clothes and a toque. I didn’t wake up cold at all. Quite comfortable! I’ll have a post on the experience going up tomorrow.

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