Brunton GoPro Battery Pack

Anyone following my YouTube Channel knows I haven’t put much of anything out for video as of yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting video and experimenting with the GoPro.

My first disappointment with the GoPro was how miserable battery life is. And although that may be excellent if you’re shooting a fast action two-minute event, but if you’re on a road trip, it just doesn’t work out all that well. Stopping to change out batteries, or having a battery run dead in the middle of a good trail just wasn’t all that much fun.

After some contemplation about running constant USB power to the roof rack on the Jeep, I got to thinking that maybe I’d rather mount the GoPro elsewhere on the Jeep. Then the idea about inside mounting, and then what about when I want it portable. The confusion went on and I figured the best solution for now is an extended battery.

I bought the Brunton GoPro Battery Pack on Amazon (click here) and have been quite impressed to date.

I’ve had wifi on for hours, and recorded many hours of time-lapse footage and have yet to end up with a dead battery. As a bonus (but also a drawback), the extended battery has a pop open door on the side so you can charge the battery while the GoPro is recording. The draw back is that this is no longer a water proof design – merely ‘weather proof’.

A side bonus for this battery pack is that the included cable used to charge the battery, can also be used to charge your other devices from the battery pack such as my Galaxy S4 as pictured below:

brunton battery with galaxy s4

All in all, a great buy. I’d highly recommend this product to most GoPro users that could use the extra run-time. If you’re flying a GoPro on a quad-copter it might not be a good thing as it does have a fair bit of extra weight. And if you’re running the GoPro underwater, forget it all together. For most though, click-through to Amazon and buy a Brunton battery pack!

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