A Russian Lada Niva off-road vehicle

While out exploring Sherwood Park, Alberta the other day, I stumbled across this little gem of a ‘car’ – a Lada Niva 4×4.

I should have stopped to grab some additional photos, but unfortunately time was not on my side to be able to do so. The owner has it configured with a light bar on top, and a home-made snorkel with some PVC pipe. It would have been interesting to have had an opportunity to chat with the owner to find out more about the vehicle and what it’s seen for off-roading or over-landing.

I was eager to learn more, so did a bit of Google searching and learned that the Lada Niva is a very capable “mini” 4×4 vehicle from Russia. It features a unibody system, independent front suspension and coils. It is the predecessor to most current “crossover SUV” vehicles on the market today.

If you had one of these mini 4×4’s, what would be your first modifications to turn it into an over-landing capable rig?

2 thoughts on “A Russian Lada Niva off-road vehicle”

  1. These little trucks used to be quite popular with hunters and outdoor types in the Cranbrook BC area in the 1980s. I recall seeing many back then.

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