New Shocks & Springs

The VagabondExpedition Jeep Wrangler has been experiencing some rapidly degrading performance on and off-road lately.

Like most overlanders, I carry a fair bit of extra weight in the Jeep, from supplies to the roof rack and interior synergy rack and that makes it harder on the suspension components.

I reviewed a few options and consulted with a local expert this time around – he specializes in working on Jeeps and I trusted his decision on Metalcloak dual rate springs and Old Man Emu long travel shocks.

ve jeep - ome shocks and metalcloak coils IMG_20150525_212743

Here’s a video taken under the Jeep while putting the new suspension to the test over a few light bumps.

Although the Metalcloak springs don’t solve the fact the rear end of the Jeep is heavy and still sags a bit, the ride quality has taken a huge improvement over the old entry-level ProComp components. Although this is my first time using Metalcloak components, I’ve used Old Man Emu (ARB) products for my steering stabilizer and can only say good things about them so far – and that’s with several hundred kilometers on both the new shocks as well as the steering stabilizer.

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