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Of course, you’ve heard it before. Probably more often than you care to hear. But, “you get what you pay for”.

Case in point, those KC Hilites LED headlights in the VagabondExpedition Jeep. One of them went out on me some time ago. I pulled it out of the Jeep, tested the connection, and tested the light. Dead. Nothing. My connection was fine, but the headlight itself went bad. Yes, that is a rarity with LED lights, but the KC Hilites 23 year warranty made it quick and easy to deal with – even across the border between Canada and the U.S. Sure I could have saved a couple hundred dollars and bought the cheaper knock-off brands, but then if you have a light go out, you’ve got next to no warranty (if any warranty), plus the quality of the lights themselves aren’t the same (DOT & CSA regulations are there for a reason).

So, why do I continue to recommend KC lights when I had one go out? The warranty, that’s why. Sure I was upset that a “quality” light quit working, but the warranty is there for a peace of mind no hassle replacement if (and when) necessary. Yes, I do run some lower cost components on the Jeep, but those are items where a potential replacement cost is a bit easier to swallow or where an end-user repair is possible.

I’m not certain if KC runs their 23 year warranty on everything they sell, but from what I can tell, most things they do. Have a look at their lights, light tabs, and other accessories here on Amazon. Buying from Amazon puts a small commission into our pockets to help fund future adventures, all at no cost to you!

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