Unimogs and Mowags

In the market for a rather unique over land capable exploration machine?

I spotted this Land Rover Mowag in Jasper, Alberta recently.
1024 - ve - land rover mowag DSC_6664

1024 - ve - land rover mowag DSC_6667

And this Mercedes Unimog in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan just this past weekend.
1024 - ve - mercedes unimog

Unfortunately, in both cases, the owners weren’t a round, so I didn’t get a chance to chat about their journey to date. I’m tempted to start researching fuel economies and pricing of either a Mowag or Unimog, but question the availability of parts if out on a long term travel expedition.

If a Unimog or Mowag is just way too big… check out this very interesting Nissan Pao
1024 - ve - nissan pao DSC_7107

Or an offroad capable Lada that I spotted earlier this year.

One thought on “Unimogs and Mowags”

  1. Len says:

    I saw one of these this past August 1st long weekend in Kananaskis at Peter Lougheed park. It was driven by an older German couple. It was very nice inside and so practical, only down side the man said was the right.

    Len (Black Widow)

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