Primus LiTech Camp Kettle

Primus LiTech Kettle

Having a steady supply of hot (boiling) water while camping is pretty much a requirement for me.

Normally, I always have a mug of hot tea near me – even on hot days – but you’ll also want hot water for cleaning up, melting snow or boiling more drinking water from potentially unsafe sources.

I’d always just used one of my cooking pots to boil water, but when I stumbled across the Primus LiTech camp kettle, I decided to make the purchase and couldn’t be happier now after quite a bit of use.

primus litech kettle, msr gas and primus stove

The Primus LiTech camp kettle does a great job of getting your water to a boil in a short period of time, and keeping water warm for a while after. It’s lightweight and can be easily brought with you on most excursions. An included stuff sack will keep your gear clean if you’re using this over an open fire.

The only problem I’ve seen with this camp kettle so far, is it is indicated capacity of 0.9L – which is attainable – BUT boiling that much water will cause it to spit out of the spout. Decrease the water a bit, and you’ll have no problems!

Jump to and purchase a Primus LiTech Kettle today!

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