Squirrel Season!

squirrel eating a pine cone

It seems to be ‘squirrel season’ this year…
Every where I’ve been, there have been squirrels.
And those squirrels are on a feeding frenzy of pine cones.

While checking out the Mountain Park Cemetary of Cadomin area, I came across this furry fellow munching away.

Cadomin is in the foothills, and this time of year (early September), you can expect to see snow on the ground. This squirrel looks like he’s already developing a nice thick coat of fur for the upcoming cold winter months!



Here are a few more shots from a hiking excursion into Siffleur Falls, Alberta.

2048 DSC_1575

2048 DSC_1565

Along with the mess left behind…
2048 DSC_1582

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