KC LED Headlights

I think it’s very much safe to say, OEM Jeep headlights just suck.
Really, Chrysler should do something about it, but until they do, one of your first modifications to a Jeep should be an improvement in night time lighting. I went for some time with OEM headlights, but only because I was selectively using my off-road lighting on the roads at night.

After some searching, I came across the KC Hilites LED lights for the Jeep. Amazon always seems to have a great deal on them, and includes everything you need (more on that in a moment, however).

kc highlites - led headlights - IMG_20140408_140354
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Installation is quite simple and I should have taken some photos. It is suggested you remove the front grill, but I only removed the top clips and pulled it out slightly. My bumper light bar was in the way of removing it completely.

When all was back and assembled, they have a nicely done flatter finish than the OEM assembly.

kc led headlights in the jeep

And of course, a much nicer, whiter light output than the OEM filament bulbs.

kc led headlights in the jeep

A night, these lights are quite bright, and combined with the lift of the Jeep, I often have a few people flashing me thinking I have high beams on. After a few months of this, I decided to take care of the problem and had a 3M tint applied to cut down the light just a subtle amount, but also offer up some protection to the lens of the KC LED headlights.

kc led headlights in the jeep

The KC Lights are a welcome addition to my Jeep, and I’d strongly suggest you look at getting a set. You may want to get the anti-flicker harness if your Jeep has daytime running lights. I didn’t get the harness, but disconnected the light sensor on the dash so my lights are on full when the Jeep is running.

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  1. Shane says:

    How does the color temperature of the KC LED Headlights compare to the Rigid Duallys? I’d love to see a picture to help me decide on the headlights. Thanks!

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