RAM Accessory Mounts

With the recent addition of the Vector Dash Dock bar (see here for more details), I had ordered some RAM mounting brackets just before the Christmas 2014.

Of course, they arrived while I was away travelling and had to wait until today to get them and install everything.

Pictured above are two x-grip cell phone holders, along with the gopro short arm mounting system. The second x-grip cell holder will either end up being a stand-a-lone GPS unit or a monitor for a yet to be ordered rear view camera system.

If you’re looking to build these units, you’ll want to review the parts below and click through on to Amazon to order. I haven’t found a local store supplying RAM mounting systems that offers the low price of Amazon.

For the GOPRO unit:

The X-GRIP cell holder:


As with all the RAM mount units, they are built to last and hold your devices quite firmly. ┬áThe X-Grip units are nice as you can quickly remove your cell phone – there is no fumbling with locking systems and cheap plastic clasps.

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