Angle Your Awning

the Jeep Wrangler and Smitybuilt Awning

I often get asked about the quality and durability of the awning. After all, it does have what appear to be fairly ‘frail’ aluminum poles supporting it.

Well, first you need to seriously consider when and where you’re using it. If there are strong winds occurring, or in the forecast, just leave it closed. If there is a lot of heavy wet snow expected, leave it closed.

That being said, you can enjoy the cover provided by the awning most other times.

For use in the rain, simply keep one of the poles lower than the other as you see here.


And take the extra couple of minutes and add your tie down cables. That extra few minutes to pound the stakes and attach the line will save you from damage if the wind picks up.


I’m sure you’ll notice in my photos above, the awning tie downs went from black to yellow/green. Learn more about that on my previous post here. It’s glow in the dark paracord, and works quite well!

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