Jeep Tailgate Molle Table

Ebay seller alanjk427 has got some great products available for sale… one of those is a folding tailgate table for your Jeep Wrangler.

I ordered one of these and to date it is probably one of the most appreciated modifications to my Jeep so far.

Installation is quick and easy but does require some drilling into your tail gate for the pilot holes otherwise you’ll snap the metal screws. There are four supplied screws, but I opted to only install the top two, and two strips of 3M VHB tape to support the rest of it in place.

The table is built quite well, and although some people have suggested using para cord for the drop down supports (as pictured above) isn’t adequate, I’ve used this table for several months now and have yet to have a problem. It is para cord after all, and made to be strong and durable.

Jeep molle tailgate table

MOLLE, (pronounced Molly) for those that don’t know, stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used by a variety of military and paramilitary forces around the world, and the tailgate table has been designed to be Molle compatible. Simply attach a few Molle pouches to your tailgate table for convenient storage. The table still lowers with the pouches attached.

Jeep molle tailgate table

After several months of regular use, I only wish I had purchased and installed this upgrade sooner. It is incredibly convenient to stop at a park, open the tailgate, place the stove into position and cook up some lunch or make a new tea.

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