Jeep Etiquette 101 – Park by Other Jeeps

A part of owning a Jeep is to follow a few simple rules that Jeep owners are all to share and abide by.

One of those rules is the parking rule. Simply put, if you pull into a parking lot and there is an empty space beside an existing Jeep, you should park in that spot. At the least, you should be looking for a parking spot close to another Jeep.

Jeep people look out for other Jeep people (well, not always, but those are the ones not following the rules) and it’s a great way to make new friends, learn about other Jeep builds, trails in the area, and so on.

1024 - ve - jeep moab by jeep vagabondexpedition DSC_1568

1024 - ve - jeep by jeep lake minnewanka - DSC_1681

*in the featured photo on the top of the page is a good friend over on Instagram – jk_wrangler – look up his collection of photos!

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