Filling those Rotopax Water Jugs

filling those rotopax jugs

If you’ve been following my blog along for a the past little while, you’ll no doubt have seen that I have a very simple system for running water in the Jeep – that is supplied by sometimes as many as four of the two gallon Rotopax water containers (learn more about our water system: link)

Now, if you’ve got a Rotopax container, you know they are quite versatile. The shape and design makes it easy to stack and store several of these handy jugs.

But a minor problem exists – how do you fill them?
Sure, you can stick them under most outdoor faucets easy enough, or bring them inside and fill under the tub spout.

But what happens when you don’t have access to a bathtub or outdoor faucet?
Sometimes, you can some-what awkwardly wedge them into a large enough kitchen sink, but even easier is a $5 shower hose. You can search on Amazon for a similar type to what I have pictured (click here), just don’t overspend. Five dollars should be about it and you want the low-cost rubber ones so you can cut the shower head off – when cutting it, save a couple of inches of hose – you can jury-rig an overland shower with it later). Now, though, you have a piece of hose you can slide over a faucet and into your Rotopax can. Fill it just about anywhere!

Looking to start your Rotopax collection? Shop here for just about everything you need!

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