The Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is a pretty magnificent bird and worth of some of your bird watching time while out hiking.

I spotted some nicely formed goose tracks while out hiking a few days ago.
1024 - ve - goose tracks IMG_20150316_131756

The Canada Goose is a fairly large bird with a wingspan of 50-73″ (127-185cm) so you can’t miss them when out exploring. Just watch for nests and the young goslings during spring – they’re typically well guarded by an adult bird (who will hiss at you if too close) and even move towards you while becoming quite defensive.

The adult bird will also not hesitate in attacking you if you get too close and refuse to back away from the nest or goslings. Beak strikes can be quite painful and will likely leave you with a few bruises.


For more information on the Canada Goose, check out wikipedia .

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