Adventure Photography - underwater in this case

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography… The VagabondExpedition team, in conjunction with is almost always out on an adventure photography assignment somewhere, but we’re available for hire for your company or personal needs. Whether video or photography, underwater or on the top of a mountain, we can be your adventure photographers of choice….

The Overland Jeep Wrangler and Northern Lights of Alberta

My Top 10 Photos of 2015

I had this brilliant idea of a “top 10 photos” of 2015 and as I started going through my photos, realized that this was going to be a bit of a chore as I had taken over seven thousand photos just within the last few months of the year –…

the Northern Lights

The Night Skies of Elk Island

Finally, I’ve been able to get out and get some (what I think) good photos of the night skies at Elk Island National Park, in Alberta. I’ve managed to capture some of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), some of the banding of the Milky Way galaxy and of course, a…

Edmonton Thunder Storm

Coincidentally, the day of joining the “Storm Spotter Network” and passing my “spotter awareness exam”, a significant thunderstorm starts rolling across the region. The initiating location of the storm was in the Alberta foothills off Highway 16, and unfortunately, that’s a 3+ hour drive from Edmonton. I decided to wait…

Storm Chasing in Alberta

With a bit of luck, I’ll get some opportunity to do some storm chasing this season. I’ve already got a few hail stone dents from a trip into B.C. back in 2013 (see the exploding hail stone here), so I’m not too worried about more damage to the VagabondExpedition Jeep….