The Tepui Kukenam Roof Top Tent…

I’ve been contemplating buying a roof top tent (RTT) for quite some time. Never completely satisfied with what I was seeing, but liking the concept, I thought I’d see if anyone is selling any used in my area (currently Edmonton Alberta).  Two showed up – a lightly used green roof…

A few new add-ons….

In preparation for hopefully a busy season of exploration in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, I’ve added a few ‘necessary’ upgrades to the Jeep:      

Early Modifications

The original plan never was what it is today, but that’s a part of all the fun that comes with a Jeep. ¬†They are so customizable, that once you get into something, you can build and modify into something very capable of a wide variety of things. Here are a…

auxiliary lighting!

Added a few Rigid Dually D2 lights… the bumper bar contains three of the driving lights and the a-pillar lights are the floods.  

Teraflex Tailgate Hinge

The Teraflex hinge in place holding my 35″ spare tire securely.