Storm Chasing in Alberta

With a bit of luck, I’ll get some opportunity to do some storm chasing this season. I’ve already got a few hail stone dents from a trip into B.C. back in 2013 (see the exploding hail stone here), so I’m not too worried about more damage to the VagabondExpedition Jeep.

The area of Red Deer (Alberta), South and into Calgary tends to get a lot of strong storms during summer, where Edmonton tends to be just on the North limits of these intense storms.

On May 31st, I managed to catch up to the tail end of one such storm, just south of Leduc.

1024 - ve - storm cloud DSC_6070

I didn’t get a chance to properly adjust my camera due to the busy highway traffic, but you can see the thick streaks in this photo – this is very heavy rain.

1024 - ve - heavy rain with rainbow DSC_6058

The heavy rains and wind only lasted mere seconds and things cleared up nicely, leaving a brilliant rainbow across the fields.

1024 - ve - tail end of storm with rainbow DSC_6065

Watch a brief video of the drive here. Be sure to switch to HD!

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